How To Handle An Accident If You Are Driving For Uber

How To Handle An Accident If You Are Driving For Uber

Obviously no one wants to get into an accident, especially if they are driving for a company that takes accidents seriously. Although it is not something that you want to run into, accidents do happen. If you are out there driving for any length or period of time you, will be more and more likely getting get into an accident no matter how good of a driver you think you are. Also, if you ever get into an accident, dash cams can be lifesavers because they can prove who was at fault. Insurance coverage with uber works in a way where they split it up into three periods:

1. Period one occurs when you log into the app. This is when you are sitting there you go online and you are waiting for a request or a ping. You could be sitting on your couch at home, be parked in a parking lot, or you could be driving around looking for a ride.
2. Period two starts the second that you accept a request. You are now en route to a passenger.
3. Once you arrive and the passenger gets into your car, period three starts. This period ends once the passenger exits the vehicle.

Period two and three are where uber provides one million dollars in liability coverage and they also provides collision coverage. You are not covered by uber in the event you get in an accident during period one. Regardless of which period it occurs during, after the accident occurs, stay calm. The first few minutes after an accident are super crucial, so make sure that you get all the basic information down, take a picture of their license plate with your phone, and take a picture of the drivers actual license and insurance information. Document as much as you can. If the accident occurs during periods two or three, you can will provide the other driver with uber’s insurance information and not your own. Uber with deactivate you temporarily until they get the situation under control and are given a clear understanding of what happened. If uber comes to an agreement that you were not as much at fault as the other driver, they will cover you.

Understanding of Uber Accidents

A skilled lawyer understands the difficulty it is to deal with these cases and they want to help! If uber does not provide coverage for you please do not hesitate to reach out to a skilled lawyer for help. They are there to provide experienced counsel to meet your needs.

Dealing with Uber or ridesharing accidents is as new as its technology. It calls for a special kind of skill and legal experienced like our lawyers possess. e have dealt with significant amount of cases involving all types of collision involving ridesharing cars. A skilled Fredericksburg VA car accident lawyer possesses the resources and the experts to help guide our work and get the best compensation. Contact a lawyer today.


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