Chiropractic Treatments Following a Motorcycle Accident

Chiropractic Treatments Following a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders are vulnerable every time they ride on the road with other vehicles. The injuries sustained after a motorcycle accident can be much more severe and requires immediate treatment. Chiropractic care can be an integrative part of recovery for motorcyclists. Here we have listed the various ways chiropractic medicine can help heal the body, and assist on the journey to optimal health.

#1 Pelvic/Hip Alignment

There are three major joints in the pelvis, including a pubic and two sacroiliac back joints. These joints connect the spine, muscles and pelvis together. The impact of falling onto the hip after a crash can cause the pelvis to be misaligned, and can be a major contributor to pain. A chiropractor can perform a hip/pelvic adjustment to assist in the healing process.

#2 Whiplash

Whiplash happens when there is a sudden force of impact that causes the neck to rock back and forth rapidly. The tendons and muscles in the neck can be stretched and torn as a result. A spinal adjustment including the neck can help realign the body, reducing inflammation and stiffness in sore muscles in addition to increasing mobility. A chiropractor may also give you a series of at-home exercises to complete in combination with treatments.

#3 Leg and/or Feet Care

Injuries to the legs, feet, knees and even toes can happen as a motorcyclist falls onto the pavement after being hit. A chiropractor can adjust these areas so that the structures of the arms and legs are re-aligned, aiding the body’s self-healing processes. For riders arm, the shoulder, arm and hands of a motorcyclist are injured. A chiropractic treatment can help in boost range of motion and strength.

#4 Upper & Lower Back

The muscles and nerves of the spine are prone to damage during a motorcycle accident. A rider may suffer a herniated, slipped or fractured disc in addition to misalignment of the spine. A chiropractor can perform a re-alignment of the spine and back, which can increase blood flow and the transport of nutrients throughout the body.

#5 Brain & Head Trauma

A concussion or traumatic brain injury can happen to a rider after being struck by a car. Chiropractic adjustments of the sacrum, atlas and cranium can help in brain function restoration. The nervous system can begin to heal and blood flow is smoother. It is important that a motorcyclist seeks treatment for injuries right after the accident. By waiting too long, further complications can develop. Healthy brain function is vital to our wellbeing and living a joyful, full life.

A motorcyclist can benefit from chiropractic treatments for their injuries, whether that be the neck, back, shoulders, hands, legs, feet, brain and more. Chiropractic medicine is an alternative to surgery and can be helpful when trying to get off of pain prescriptions. Make sure to communicate with the chiropractor Gaithersburg MD relies on that you recently suffered from an accident and list all of your symptoms, so they can perform an adjustment that fits your needs.


Thanks to our friends and contributors from Pain Arthritis Relief Center for their insight into chiropractic treatments.


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