What Do I Have To Do After A Bicycle Accident?

What Do I Have To Do After A Bicycle Accident?

In today’s busy world we find ourselves utilizing many modes of transportation on the public roads.  Many areas around the country welcome the use of bicycle riders and provide specific lanes to promote this healthy activity.  Bike riders in today’s society can benefit from a quick call to the local police department to determine rider responsibilities on the roadways.  And bike riders benefit generally from the use of quality safety gear. But again, in today’s busy world, even the safest and most prepared cyclist can find him or herself on the receiving end of a bad driver.

Distracted drivers along with a general lack of patience and civility in modern society put us all at a little higher risk on the roadways. If you find yourself knocked head over heels, first understand you might experience a surge of adrenalin.  If you are able to remove yourself from the roadway, do so. But it is quite likely that you will feel like a banged-up bag of potatoes within 24 hours, so don’t say “I’m fine.”

If the driver stops, you will want to request the same information as if you had been driving an automobile – license and insurance, please!  If the vehicle driver declines or becomes aggressive, do your best to get a clear view of the license plate without escalating the situation.  If there are pedestrians or other vehicle drivers that stop and offer a business card or phone number contact, do accept the information. Make note of your surroundings so you can accurately identify the accident location and take note of any storefront or home security cameras.  Regardless of whether you require an ambulance, do call the police and make a report of the incident.

In the unfortunate event of serious injuries, request hospital staff provide you with the name of the ambulance and driver that brought you in.  Nurses and aides may also mention information they overheard at the time you were admitted – if you can, take note of the names of these people and provide the information when you meet with your attorney, like a bicycle accident lawyer turns to.  As your recovery proceeds, try not to overlap any other ongoing or new health concerns with your treating doctor during your scheduled appointments.  While it may be a temporary annoyance to schedule multiple appointments, having a set of records that relate strictly to the injuries sustained in the accident can be quite helpful to your attorney in building your case.

Regardless of the severity of injuries, speak to a reputable attorney at your earliest opportunity.  The attorney will be able to review the available information and advise you as to the laws applicable to your situation.  An attorney will also be able to give you a clear picture as to damages you may be able to recover which can include lost pay, expenses for paid assistance with general household activities throughout your recovery, i.e. dog walking, lawn mowing.  If you are a primary caregiver to a child or parent, you may wish to ask your attorney if additional expenses for temporary assistance are compensable.

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