Victim in a Bicycle Accident

Victim in a Bicycle Accident

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Most bicyclists are fully aware of the fact that their safety may be at risk when sharing the road with vehicles. But still, no rider expects to be hit by a car while on their journey to a destination. Once a car driver hits someone on a bicycle, the immediate response is usually obvious, which is to get medical attention right away for all involved. However, it is often the bicyclist who suffers the very worst physical wounds and financial loss. The bicyclist may have needed to be transported to the nearest emergency room, and these hospital costs can add up fast. A victim in a bicycle accident may want to know what to do when handling such a situation.

What is the most important thing after a bicycle accident?

The most important thing to do is to get medical attention for yourself and anyone else who may have been hurt from the impact. When police arrive, provide a statement that includes your perspective of what happened. This document can be used as supportive evidence if you decide to sue the driver who hit you for damages.

What if I didn’t get medical attention at the scene, but now feel sore?

A bicyclist may not want to underestimate small aches and pains in the hours, days or even weeks after the accident. A sore muscle, injured back or relentless headache could be signs that something more serious is going on within the body. Many riders may think they are fine after impact, but then start to feel the extent of their injuries at a later time. By getting a medical examination, a doctor can try to uncover any underlying injuries before they worsen.

How soon should I meet with a lawyer about my bicycle accident?

As soon as you are of stable health, you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer offers about what your options are for seeking compensation from the driver responsible for the accident. Many bicyclists may simply be so exhausted from dealing with insurance companies, doctor appointments, healing from injuries and missing work that they just want it all to be over with. But, it is essential that victims in a bicycle accident understand they may be entitled to financial restitution.

If someone was with me when the accident happened, is that helpful?

Yes, if you have filed a lawsuit against the driver who hit you, it can help to have statements from those who were present and saw the incident happen. Whether it was a loved one, bystander or employee of a shop on the corner of where the collision occurred, these testimonies can support your personal injury case.

Should I exchange information with the driver, or will the officer do that for me?

If the situation is not hostile and you feel comfortable talking with the driver, then exchange the same information you would as if you were part of a vehicle accident. For example, get the driver’s name, address, phone number, insurance carrier, policy number, license plate number, driver’s license number and vehicle make/model/year.


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