Accident with an Uber Driver

Accident with an Uber Driver

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Being involved in an auto accident is a scary thing, and it can also be confusing, especially if you have never been in an accident before. Unfortunately, that confusion is only extrapolated on if you discover that the other driver is an Uber driver. While this may not seem like a substantial detail, it drastically changes the details of the accident in terms of liability. Therefore, in order to know who is responsible for the damages in your accident, it is necessary to understand the intricacies of Uber’s commercial insurance policy.

When the Driver is Unavailable

Uber drivers use their personal vehicles to transport people from place to place, and they only do that when they want. Therefore, their employment status is labeled as a contracted employee, which means that the only time Uber is responsible for their driver’s actions is when they are logged in and available for rides. When an Uber driver is unavailable and not logged into the system, they are liable for their actions and responsible for any damages they are deemed at fault for, meaning that if an Uber driver is not working as a driver at the moment of the accident, then their personal policy should cover the damages.

When the Driver is Available Without a Passenger

When it comes to Uber drivers who are logged into the system but without a passenger, laws vary. For example, in the state of Texas, Uber is liable in this situation. They are required to provide coverage of $50,000 for each injured party. Their total liability is $100,000 per accident, and the policy covers up to $25,000 of property damage per accident. However, other states do not have this requirement, meaning that even if the driver is logged into Uber, if they do not have a passenger, the company is not liable for damages.

When the Driver is Available and Has a Passenger

When the driver is logged into the Uber system and is also carrying a passenger, then the liability process gets a little easier. A driver with a passenger is working and is therefore covered by Uber’s commercial policy, which offers up to $1,000,000 for death, injury and property losses. Also, in the event of an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver, Uber also has $1,000,000 coverage.

Accidents are scary, frustrating and confusing, especially when involved in a collision with an Uber driver. Don’t get confused by all the details.

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