When an Uber Ride Results in Disappointment & Injuries

When an Uber Ride Results in Disappointment & Injuries

Taking an Uber is a very common resource for people of all ages, lifestyles and careers. An Uber ride is a relatively inexpensive option for those who are trying to get to a meeting on-time, have had perhaps one too many drinks during happy hour, or need a lift from the airport home. Riders may assume that an Uber ride is going to be a safe and easy transport of where they need to go. Unfortunately, an accident-free ride is not always what a person may get. An Uber driver is being paid to complete a service, but may not follow the ways of the road as expected. An Uber driver may even go as far as being distracted, daydreaming, using a cell phone, or speeding.

If your Uber driver is not driving in a safe manner, you can ask for a sooner stop. In the article below, we have answered many of the frequently asked questions when it comes to handling an Uber accident as a rider. To learn more you should contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA.


Should I stay with the driver until police arrive, or can I leave?

As the rider, you may be tempted to get out and away from the scene. However, it would be best if you stayed until police arrive and have at least taken your name, statement of what happened and if you have any injuries. Just in case you end up having very serious injuries, you will want to have your name linked to this incident by being listed in the official report. In the event you want to sue the Uber driver for your medical costs if they were at-fault, you will want as much proof as possible.


Are there any injuries that may not be observed immediately after the accident?

Yes, there are many injuries that just may not show themselves until hours, days or even weeks later. A list of injuries that may remain hidden for some time can include the following:

Brain injury

Knee damage

Muscle sprains

Broken bones

Organ damage


Extremity sprain (wrist, ankles)



What is an injury that should never go untreated right away?

While all of the above injuries can be quite severe or even life-threatening, all vital organs should be examined by a doctor after an accident to make sure the rider is not in need of emergency care. In particular, a traumatic brain injury can be more serious than a rider may initially believe. If a person hit their head during the impact, a medical evaluation should not be postponed.


Can the rider really sue the Uber driver if they sustained injuries?

Yes, if the Uber driver was in fact at-fault for the accident happening, the rider may have the right to file a lawsuit. Most people do not realize they may be entitled to financial compensation. Speaking with a car accident attorney Dekalb County GA is the best way to help decide if you have a strong foundation for a lawsuit. In the meantime, maintain a record of all receipts, bills and medical exams for injuries related to the accident.

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