Sports League Injuries: How to File a Personal Injury Claim | Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers

Sports League Injuries: How to File a Personal Injury Claim | Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers

People of every age from all over America participate every year in an array of sports, and some are even involved in more than one type of sports leagues, like a lacrosse league Maryland athletes love. If you participate in, for example, a football camp and have been injured while playing, you should look into compensation for your medical bills. You might even want to know how to file a personal injury claim against a party you believe was at fault for the particular accident that resulted in your injury. However, before you do so it is imperative you understand your rights before you begin pursuing your personal injury claim. This also includes understanding the possible benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer.

Preparation for Filing a Claim with an Insurance Company

Before you submit your claim to the insurance company, there are a few important actions that you must take. Make every effort that you can to log your injuries and the scene of the accident. Documenting your accident means taking pictures, seeking out any witnesses that agree to testify and writing down anything you can remember about it. If you were hurt playing basketball for example, you should take a video or a few pictures of the part of the court where the accident took place. You should also be sure to include any flaws or uneven surfaces visible on the court that may have caused the accident. If you can try and collect a concise statement from any witness that saw the accident, have them sign and date their personal statement. The last thing you should do before you file a claim for damages is obtain a thorough physical evaluation of the injuries you sustained from a doctor. It is vital to get medical treatment for your sports league-related accident so that you do not hurt yourself any further. It is very important to get written documentation of that care from your healthcare provider so that your claim will be more solid and sound. You should make sure the documentation given to you specifies the extent and nature of the injuries as well.  

Filing with an Insurance Company

After you complete the first steps in pursuing a claim for damages, you will be in a good position to file the actual claim for compensation and damages with the insurance company. You must hold yourself accountable and be very aware of claim filing deadlines established by the insurance company that are within state laws and the insurance policy. The insurance company should supply you with a claim form to fill out. Take precaution in completing the claim form and if you choose to work with a personal injury lawyer, they will review the form for any errors. The insurance company will want to interview you very soon after the accident so that they can elicit statements from you that will result in minimizing your compensation, or even in extreme cases denying your claim. If you have a personal injury lawyer, they will prep you for this type of interview so that you will say things in a way that cannot be manipulated. Having your legal counsel present with you at this interview will very often increase the odds of a reasonable and  fair settlement that is ruled in your favor.

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