Can I Claim my Injury as Work-Related?

Can I Claim my Injury as Work-Related?

Work related injuries can be anywhere from very minor to substantially severe in nature. As an employee, you have the right to file a Worker’s Compensation claim against your employer to help with the cost of lost wages while out of work,as well as medical and rehabilitation costs.  Some of the most common injuries that happen at work are as follows:

Bruises and Contusions

Although bruises and contusions seem to be minor injuries, the consequences are not always minor.  You should always have a medical professional examine you because some of these injuries can require surgery and bed rest.

Sprains and Strains

Statistics say that 30% of work related injuries are sprains and strains.  Sprains are the tearing or stretching of ligaments, the fibrous tissue connecting bones and joints.  Strains occur when you pull or overstretch the muscle or tissue that is connected to the bone.  Both of these injuries can be very painful and unbearable.  Neck and back strains and injuries can occur in workers who lift heavy objects, move heavy equipment, even those who type at a desk.

Punctures and Cuts

Also known as lacerations, punctures and cuts can be caused by working with sharp items, machinery you may be close to, falling or something falling on you, tools, equipment etc…  Some are minor and some are substantial.  Your injury may require as little as a band aid or as much as stitches or even surgery.  Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be limited as to what duties you can perform  at work or even be out of work for some time.

Broken Bones or Fractures

Broken or fractured bones are a very common workplace injury.  These injuries usually cause swelling, pain and mobility loss and can be caused by falling, something falling on the area or even accidentally hitting something.  In either case it will require a medical professional to “set” the bones back in their normal position.  These brakes and/or fractures can limit your ability to work for days, weeks, even months depending on the severity.


Inflammation is your body’s natural reaction to an infection or injury. Signs of inflammation are usually pain, heat, swelling or redness and some loss of function.  Depending on what your duties are at work,  inflammation can be caused by constant use of the computer keyboard and mouse which can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.  Also, if you use your legs and back to lift or move heavy objects, it can cause knee arthritis or tendonitis which is overuse of certain parts of the body.

If You Have Been Injured at Work, You Should Seek a Reputable Attorney

A work-related injury is one in which you are doing something on your employer’s behalf.  Most injuries are those that occur at the workplace, but may also occur in a company-owned vehicle and/or at other location as long as the employee was doing something in connection with his or her to their job. It would be advisable to speak with your employer to ensure that the company is providing a safe work environment.  If you do incur a work-related injury, it is best to contact a reputable New York Workers’ Comp attorney to discuss your options.

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