Answers From an Attorney on Wrongful Death

Answers From an Attorney on Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can lead to stress, uncertainty, and overwhelming grief. Especially if your family member was in an accident of some kind and you believe it constitutes as a wrongful death, you might not be sure of what types of legal claims you can make. Can you sue someone if you believe they contributed to your loved one’s wrongful death? What exactly is a wrongful death? Through careful examination, an attorney can determine if your loved one’s death qualifies as a “wrongful death” and decide what the best legal recourse is. In addition to grieving over the loss of your family member, you should not have to fight this legal battle alone.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

When someone dies because of another person’s negligence or because of another person’s willful act, this is wrongful death. A wrongful death lawsuit is in place to help family members of the deceased get the compensation they need after their loved one’s passing. Compensation can come in a few forms, including for the loss of emotional support or the loss of financial support. A negligent wrongful death could be through a car accident. Another form of an intentional wrongful death is murder.

How Do I Know If I Have a Wrongful Death Claim?

It can sometimes be hard to know if the evidence points to wrongful death. Therefore, speaking with experienced attorneys can help you determine what this constitutes as.

What Damages Can I Recover In This Suit?

Typically, there are two types of damages that can be recovered from a wrongful death suit. These are:

  • Economic Damages. These might be hospital bills that the deceased had from the accident, the cost of the funeral expenses, and the lost earning capacity of the deceased.
  • Non-Economic. These might be pain and suffering, a loss of love, a loss of the ability to enjoy life, and the loss of guidance, to name a few.

Who Can File This Lawsuit?

There are certain people typically expected to file this lawsuit, including the surviving spouses, children, and even parents. Although it will vary state to state, other family members who were dependent on the deceased have successfully filed a wrongful death lawsuit as well.

What If the Deceased Suffered Before Death?

If the deceased did not die immediately after the accident or intentional tort and suffered any kind of pain, the surviving family members can make a claim for the deceased’s pain and suffering prior to death.

How Can I Get Started On This Lawsuit?

If you are ready to begin this step forward in the healing process, speak with a wrongful death lawyer Memphis, TN relies on who can take you step by step through the legal process. They will work with you to make sure you get the compensation you deserve after the wrongful death of a loved one. Don’t hesitate any longer.



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