3 Ways Brain Injury Is Unique in Personal Injury Law

3 Ways Brain Injury Is Unique in Personal Injury Law

Brain injuries are much more common than you might think. A brain injury lawyer Memphis TN relies on can attest that it will change people’s lives and that it can be a very serious life event. Brain injury cases differ from other personal injury cases and are handled very carefully. Listed here are three ways that a brain injury is handled differently in court.

  1. Difficulty of Diagnosis

Brain injuries can range from mild concussions to a traumatic brain injury which is quite serious. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t know the severity of your injury until the more serious symptoms present themselves. Thankfully, current medical technology can expedite the process in diagnosing a brain injury, but it still takes time to find the right diagnosis, how the injury was caused and the best course of treatment.

  1. A Possible Lifetime of Treatment

Recovery time is never predictable when it comes to the victim of a brain injury. It could take years for a victim to recover physically and/or mentally. In extreme scenarios, a victim may need physical rehabilitation and training that takes place at their home and in more serious cases, a brain injury could involve years of hospitalization or a lifetime of aid.

Mental effects of traumatic brain injury patients may also manifest dramatic personality and mood changes and people typically need extensive therapy to deal with that trauma.

  1. The Damage is Devastating

A brain injury case is considered one of the most serious cases in personal injury law because of the overwhelming damage that it does to a victim. People that suffer brain injuries can also suffer seizures for the rest of their life which disallows them from doing everyday tasks like driving, working or completing chores. Victims report feeling like they’ve lost independence and sense of self due to their injury. Some victims are unable to return to the job they had before the accident that caused the brain injury. Medical bills and related costs can ruin a family financially and family members often are thrown into bankruptcy.

These cases can become emotionally overwhelming due to the many physical, mental and emotional challenges that follow the development of a brain injury. Hire an attorney to take some weight off of you and your family and let them advocate for justice to take care of you after your traumatic ordeal.


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