Driving After a Rain Storm Can Be Very Dangerous: Tips from a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

Driving After a Rain Storm Can Be Very Dangerous: Tips from a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

Take it from a Baltimore car accident lawyer, rain soaked streets cause far more car accidents than most people realize; and, as you may have seen on celebrity legal news throughout the years, these kinds of accidents can happen to anyone.  Rain can be the culprit of a variety of hazardous conditions on the road. Standing water can cause your car to hydroplane, leaving you with little to no control of where you’re going. Left behind oil on the road can mix with the very first rain drops to make the roads slick enough to completely incapacitate the grip of your tires. Even fallen leaves can cause a crash leaving you in need of a Baltimore car accident lawyer. Our two-wheeled road warriors are especially at risk in rainy weather and often need a Baltimore motorcycle accident lawyer as a result of a rainy ride.  While the rain does pose significant hazards, here are a few tips to avoid your need for a Baltimore car accident lawyer:

  1. SLOW DOWN: A good rule of thumb is to reduce your speed 5 mph below the posted speed limit.
  2. AVOID STANDING WATER: While splashing in the puddles may be fun, these pop-up bodies of water can make you to lose control of your vehicle
  3. BEWARE OF ON-ROAD DEBRIS: While you won’t generally puncture a tire while driving over leaves, your chances of needing a Baltimore car accident lawyer increase if you’re not careful on this deceivingly hazardous debris.
  4. BE HYPER-AWARE OF THE DRIVERS AROUND YOU: While you may heed all of my advice, the driver in the lane next to you may not be giving rain its due respect. Be aware of those around you, and always allow yourself some sort of exit strategy if they lose control. This consideration of your fellow road warriors can help keep a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore, or in the worst case scenario, a wrongful death lawyer in Baltimore out of the picture all together.
  5. PULL OVER: If heavy rain is making it impossible for you to see the road ahead, pull off to the shoulder and wait for the storm to pass.

These simple rules can significantly decrease your chances of getting in an accident. However, some accidents are simply unavoidable; so if you do find yourself searching for a Baltimore car accident lawyer, call Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers today or contact us online for a free case evaluation!

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