Truck Accident Lawyer Woodlawn MD

Truck Accident Lawyer Woodlawn MD

Employer Liability in Truck Accidents: 5 Things To Know

When searching for a capable and qualified truck accident lawyer, Woodlawn MD victims might not fully understand who can truly be held liable when a truck accident occurs. As an experienced truck accident lawyer Woodlawn MD can provide might explain, it is first important to rule out whether or not other drivers could be held liable for causing an accident that involved a truck. After this, it’s important to consider the laws and regulations of your own state. States that require drivers to prove the fault of another driver in order to claim compensation might require different processes for handling liability in a trucking accident. Once a claimant has determined that it’s possible to collect financial damages from the truck driver or company, here are five important points to keep in mind:

  1. Common causes of truck accidents are driver error, negligence, and equipment failure. Truck drivers are required to have substantial training but they could still make the same mistakes as other drivers. There is also a potential for equipment failure in any large commercial truck.
  2. It’s possible to sue the truck company instead of the driver. This is especially the case in an accident caused by equipment failure, as a seasoned truck accident lawyer Woodlawn MD can provide might attest. It’s possible to collect damages from the truck company citing vicarious liability, negligence, or lack of adequate supervision.
  3. An injured claimant could potentially collect damages from multiple parties. If several parties share liability, it might be possible to seek compensation from the party that holds the most fault or can pay the most reasonable settlement amount.
  4. The stakes in a truck accident injury claim are often higher than for other passenger vehicle accidents. This is because a large commercial truck can cause more damage to a regular passenger vehicle in the event of a collision. When trucking accidents occur, as an experienced truck accident lawyer Woodlawn MD offers might explain, the victims in other vehicles are likely to sustain very severe (and expensive) injuries.
  5. Financial compensation could be obtained through a settlement or through a lawsuit. If liability disputes make it too difficult to obtain a settlement outside of the courtroom, or if the liable insurance company refuses to pay a reasonable amount, the claimant might wish to take the matter to court. It is may be advisable to seek legal counsel from a trusted truck accident lawyer in Woodlawn MD before reaching a settlement that might be much lower than what the injured party deserves.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, you might be able to claim financial compensation for any related injuries. The claims process can be confusing and difficult after an accident, but a knowledgeable lawyer could provide invaluable guidance. For more information about our firm, or to speak with a top truck accident lawyer Woodlawn MD trusts about your own accident case, contact us today.

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