Factors to Consider Before a Divorce

Factors to Consider Before a Divorce

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When couples first get married they generally expect to be together for a very long time such as the rest of their lives. However, issues can happen and people and situations change. That’s why couples will decide to get a divorce. Getting a divorce should never be a light decision as there are a few factors you and your spouse should consider before deciding on divorce. 

Have You Tried Couples Counseling or Other Mediation?

There are many issues that can come between spouses when it comes to marriage. Although we often think of extreme examples such as domestic abuse or infidelity, even a lack of communication can be a real hamper on the marriage. When possible, it’s better to work through the issue by talking or undergoing marriage counseling or another form of mediation. Some couples even find that taking time for themselves by going on an extended vacation can help. Even with these methods, however, sometimes divorce is inevitable. 

Are Children Involved?

An element that often complicates divorce is if children are involved. When children are involved divorce is far more complicated as it requires extra litigation such as who gets custody, if both parties will share the division of labor by co-parenting, child support payments, etc. Outside of litigation, divorce can also make being a mother or father harder even when there’s shared custody. Lastly, there’s the emotional toll that divorce can take on children–especially when they’re younger. 

With all these issues, it’s not uncommon for couples to stay together for the sake of their children. However, two spouses remaining together when they’re not happy can actually do more harm to their children. If it seems like divorce is the only option it’s best for both parents to calmly explain the situation to their children as best as they can. While younger children may not understand the full implications of the situation, assuring them that both parents will still be a part of their lives is key. 

Are There Safety of Financial Concerns?

Sometimes couples lose chemistry and grow apart. In such cases, the relationship or marriage may even end with both parties being amicable. However, in other marriages, there are other circumstances such as domestic abuse or a spouse having financial difficulties such as them supporting a gambling addiction or undergoing substance abuse. These situations are a far greater issue and are always grounds for divorce. 

Do You Have Legal Representation?

When undergoing a divorce there can be a lot of litigation involved. Unfortunately, all parties may not be amicable during the process. It’s possible for a spouse to try to take more of your assets or gain greater custody of the kids. That’s why it’s crucial to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side. They will be able to work with you through every step of the process and make sure you receive the justice you deserve. 

Our friends at The Law Offices of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A have experienced divorce attorneys that can assist you! 

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