Baltimore Cruise Accident Lawyer

Baltimore Cruise Accident Lawyer

Cruises should be a time of fun, peace and relaxation. However, there are times — as our cruise accident lawyers in Baltimore MD know better than most — when these vacations take a turn for the worse. Cruise line negligence, lack of upkeep or acts of violence can turn an otherwise pleasant cruise into a disaster.

As a cruise ship ages, diligent upkeep is required to assure safety for both passengers and staff. As cruise accident attorneys in Baltimore, we know this remains an issue for many cruise lines, and is the reason for countless avoidable injuries. Most are not aware of the dangers passengers and staff face on cruise ships and the degree to which accidents and assaults occur. Since 2006, fire breakouts on cruise ships have reportedly doubled. Loss of power is not uncommon. Some cruises experience times adrift at sea, which is usually a minor inconvenience but can become dangerous when occurring for long periods of time. Crime tends to be an issue at sea. Some reports find that around 10% of cruise goers fall victim to crimes, a majority of which can be classified as physical or sexual assault. There is also an alarming number of cruise ship passengers who go missing or are victims of homicide each year.

These incidents are not as common, however, as slips and falls and other types of seemingly minor incidents that can cause surprisingly severe injuries. Cabins and bathrooms on these ships are the most common accident locations, and can present dangers for any number of reasons. If these areas are not maintained well or simply designed in such a way that neglects certain safety risks, they can present serious dangers. Injuries are most common among the lower extremities, and occur at a median age of 72 according to some studies.

Unfortunately, there are multiple factors that diminish accountability on these cruises and effectively hinder an ability to secure justice. The laws surrounding these incidents are obscured by the fact that they take place at sea, which means they are framed within both domestic and international law. This is why it is important to hire lawyers who are well versed in these cases, such as our cruise accident lawyers in Baltimore, MD. Another issue is the confined nature with which these incidents are reported. Due to the amount of time between when an injury occurs and when the passenger arrives back home, these incidents often go unreported. Cruise lines will typically attempt to avoid litigation by offering gifts and other services that are valued at much less than what the victim can usually attain through court. Don’t allow yourself to be deterred by these tactics; you are entitled to more than a simple bribe. As Baltimore, Maryland cruise injury lawyers, we wish to see cruise accidents and injuries reported more regularly.

If you have been on a cruise recently and experienced an injury, whether you were a passenger or a staff member, reach out to us as soon as possible. You have a right to compensation for the pain and suffering these cruise lines have caused you, and we are always up for the task and well trained to acquire that compensation. Contact our Baltimore cruise accident lawyers today for a free case evaluation.


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