Common Mistakes That Could Impact Your Personal Injury Case

Common Mistakes That Could Impact Your Personal Injury Case

If you are in the process of pursuing compensation for an accident that resulted from the actions of a negligent party, the last thing you want to happen is to make mistakes that could be damaging to your personal injury case. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for accident victims to do or say something that could ultimately cost them at least some, if not all, of the compensation that could be obtained. To avoid making the following mistakes, you will want to acquire the legal guidance of a personal injury lawyer right from the start. 

Mistake #1 Failing to Follow Doctor’s Orders

Hopefully, you took the time to seek care from a medical provider following your accident. Medical care is essential to obtaining treatment for your injuries and ensuring that you receive medical care for any underlying conditions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Much of the time, your doctor will provide you with treatment recommendations. These recommendations could include follow up treatments, physical therapy, and more. Failing to follow these recommendations could be detrimental to your case. Not going to your follow up appointments could leave an insurance adjuster wondering whether you were really as injured as you say you are. Not only is following recommendations key to your recovery, it can help to show you are taking the necessary steps to get better. 

Mistake #2 Not Gathering Pertinent Evidence

From the very start of your case, you should start gathering all evidence that may be relevant. Evidence can help to prove liability and the significance of the damages you have suffered. In addition to this, you should take the time to clearly outline your injuries by writing down your account of the accident. Sometimes, accident cases can take some time to settle, and memories fade over time. Having evidence and a clear statement of what happened can make a significant difference in your case. 

Mistake #3 Speaking with Insurance Companies Without Your Lawyer

Following an accident, or after you have initiated the claims process, the insurance adjuster assigned to your case may want to speak with you. While talking to them may seem harmless, you must be aware that even the most innocent of conversations could be to your detriment. You put yourself at risk by inadvertently admitting fault in the accident or minimizing your damages. Always consult with your lawyer; it may make more sense for them to assist you in any communication with the insurance company. 

Mistake #4 Posting on Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are a natural way for people to express themselves and communicate the things they are facing in their lives. It is not recommended that you post anything to social media regarding your accident. You must take precautions when it comes to matters pertaining to your case. Posting information about your personal injury claim could lead to damaging outcomes for your case. Be aware that anything posted on social media can be used against you in efforts to reduce your claim or pin fault on you. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

The mistakes you have made while pursuing your insurance claim were harmless. It’s likely that you did or said something, not intending that it would harm your case. Unfortunately, doing so can have grave repercussions. Mistakes could cause you to undervalue your claim, inadvertently admit fault, and much much more. Contacting a personal injury lawyer early on can help to prevent any of these mistakes from occurring. A lawyer will be able to review your case, assign proper value to your claim, and ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. 

Regardless of the facts surrounding the case, making mistakes during the insurance claims process can be incredibly damaging. Making mistakes could even put your case at risk. For help in managing your case in the best way possible, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer, like a Personal Injury Law Firm Memphis, TN, today. 

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