Applying for Workers’ Compensation When You Work Out of State

Applying for Workers’ Compensation When You Work Out of State

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Most employees in the nation are entitled to workers’ compensation when they are injured while at work. The matter could get complicated, however, based on your employment situation. For example, if you live in one state and work in another, where do you apply for workers’ comp after your injury? The following should help guide you through the process.

Which States Do You Live and Work In?

Each state has different guidelines regarding workers’ compensation. Some allow you to file your claim in the state where you live. Others require you file in the state where you work. This can get complicated if you live in one state, work in another and the company you work for is based in a third state. Speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney is one of the best ways to understand your state’s guidelines and where you need to file.

Which State Has Higher Workers’ Comp Payments?

If you have the option to choose which state you file your workers’ comp claim in, you may want to take a look at the different benefits in each state. If the state in which you live offers higher payments, you may want to file in your home state. If the state in which you work has higher payments, that might be your best option. Do your research so you know for sure before you sign any paperwork.

What Should You Do If Your Claim Is Denied?

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, it may be for a number of reasons, but if the reason is simply that you filed in the wrong state, you may be able to try again in the other state. Your lawyer can help you figure this out. Of course, there are other reasons it could have been denied, such as missing a deadline, a dispute over your injury or that your condition doesn’t meet regulations, and those can be appealed if you feel you were dealt with unfairly.

What If You’re a Traveling Employee?

Even when you live in one state, regardless of where your company is based, and you travel for work to multiple other states, there are ways to receive workers’ compensation if you’re hurt on the road. There are a lot of factors the insurance company will look at, including which state has superiority, whether your work is contracted with a specific company and various other issues.

Working With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

After being injured on the job, you are generally entitled to workers’ compensation, even if you were injured on an out-of-state job site. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney, like a workers compensation lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, today to get working on your case.

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