What Can You do if Your Sunscreen Gives You a Rash? | Baltimore Personal Injury Law

What Can You do if Your Sunscreen Gives You a Rash? | Baltimore Personal Injury Law

Although sunscreen or sport sunscreen is very necessary in order to properly avoid the sun’s damaging rays, you may obtain a rash if you have sensitive skin or the sunscreen has gone bad. If you experience swelling, blisters or redness within a few minutes of applying it, you may experiencing an allergic reaction or rash. You may want to contact a dermatologist right away depending on the severity of it so that they can confirm if it was indeed the sunscreen that caused the irritation, if you are allergic to an ingredient present in it or if it may have been other extraneous factors.

How Can You Treat a Reaction to Sunscreen Right Away?

If you cannot reach a your doctor or dermatologist immediately, instant treatment to keep the redness and swelling of a rash down can be implemented by following a few crucial steps. The first thing you should do is remove any residue left behind by the sunscreen softly with a towel. Then, wash whatever area was affected with a mild, unscented cleanser and water and use a another towel to dry it gently. Do not dry the area in a harsh manner or use the towel that you initially used to remove the sunscreen, as this will only further irritate the area and cause it to turn redder. You may also want to apply a hydrocortisone cream lightly to the affected space. This will help take away some of the redness as well as help your skin calm down and can be found at any local drugstore and even at some gas stations.

Contact a Dermatologist and Attorney

If your skin does not start healing within a day, you should contact and visit a dermatologist for testing. You need to make sure you bring the product you believe caused you harm so that the dermatologist can further examine if you are allergic to any of its substances and provide you with accurate medication. If after testing it is found that you are not allergic to anything found in the sunscreen and that it just heavily irritates your skin, you may want to contact an attorney to pursue a lawsuit. This will help to ensure that you get compensation for all damages caused and can also help others who have experienced similar things with the specific brand know that their voices can be heard as well.

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