Signs of Whiplash

Signs of Whiplash

A Review of the Signs and Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash is defined as a neck injury caused by forceful and rapid back-and-forth movement of a person’s neck, according to the Mayo Clinic. The movement oftentimes is described as being like the cracking of a whip. Most commonly, whiplash occurs during rear-end car accidents. With that noted, this type of injury can also result from a sports accident, an incident of physical abuse, or other trauma. There are a number of symptoms that indicate one has suffered whiplash.

1. Neck Pain and Stiffness. The most common sign that a person suffered whiplash in a car accident or other incident is neck pain and stiffness. However, neck pain and stiffness may not arise immediately following an accident or incident that resulted in whiplash. The pain and stiffness may appear a day or two after the accident.
a. The neck pain tends to intensify when a person moves his or her neck in any manner.
b. Neck pain and stiffness can be indicative of other problems besides whiplash.
2. Loss of Range of Motion. A healthy person has the ability to pivot his or her head at least 180 degrees. They can also nod up and down with ease. Those who are suffering from whiplash have limited mobility.
3. Headaches. For many people, headaches are another symptom associated with whiplash. More often than not, these headaches start at the base of a person’s skull and migrate upward.
4. Tenderness. Tenderness in specific areas of a person’s body is another signal that he or she suffers from whiplash. Specifically, a person may have sustained whiplash if he or she experiences tenderness of the shoulders, upper back, or arms.
5. Numbness. Numbness can be another indication of whiplash. A person may suffer from whiplash if he or she experiences numbness, or a tingling sensation, particularly in the arms.
6. Fatigue and Dizziness. Two other signs associated with whiplash are fatigue and dizziness. As with headaches, these symptoms may not crop up immediately after the accident, but sometime later.

Less Frequent Signs of Whiplash

There are additional symptoms of whiplash that can develop, but are less common. These symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Blurred vision
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Irritability

Seek Medical Attention

In the aftermath of an accident, seeking immediate medical attention is important. If one or more symptoms of whiplash appear a person should promptly schedule an appointment with a neck pain doctor Gaithersburg MD relies on.

The reality is that the symptoms associated with whiplash can also be signs of a more serious condition. A physician needs to perform an evaluation to verify that the problem is actually whiplash and not a more serious medical issue.

More immediate medical intervention can also permit prompt treatment of whiplash. The symptoms of whiplash can abate more quickly the sooner medical treatment commences.

Legal Assistance

If a person sustains injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, that individual is wise to seek legal advice. Typically, a personal injury lawyer schedules an initial consultation at no charge to an injured person. Through an initial consultation, the accident victim can obtain an evaluation of his or her case and answers to questions about insurance claims and court proceedings.

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