Important Things to Know About an Asbestos Lawsuit

Important Things to Know About an Asbestos Lawsuit

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Asbestos is a dangerous and harmful material that has impacted thousands of lives over its years of use. Even after negative health effects were discovered in the mid-twentieth century, asbestos’s popularity kept it in restricted use, and it is still located in numerous buildings today. If you’re diagnosed with an ailment related to asbestos exposure, you might consider a lawsuit to claim your losses. Here are some common concerns when it comes to suing for an asbestos-related illness.

Reasons to File a Lawsuit 

Exposure to asbestos is unnecessary and preventable, meaning that those diagnosed with an asbestos-caused disease were not warned about their possible exposure to products or workplaces containing asbestos. Filing a lawsuit against companies who neglected to inform their employees of the danger can gain compensation for the victim to cover costs and inconveniences caused by the diagnosis.

Types of Lawsuits

Mesothelioma is the most common asbestos-related diagnoses to bring about a lawsuit. Unfortunately, this cancer is fatal, leading to two different possible lawsuits depending on whether the victim is deceased:

  • Personal Injury Lawsuit: This is filed by the victim against the company responsible for his or her exposure to asbestos. Compensation for treatment, medical bills, travel, and lost income can be recovered by this lawsuit.
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuit: This is filed by a family member or loved one of the victim who has passed away because of his or her condition. It is filed against the company responsible for the victim’s exposure, and compensation from the case can go toward medical bills and funeral costs.

The Right Time to File a Claim

Most personal injury cases are bound by a statute of limitations, meaning that a victim only has an allotted amount of time to file a lawsuit after the workplace injury occurs. Asbestos-related cases are different because it can take 10 to 50 years before signs of asbestos exposure are revealed. Depending on the state you live in, you’ll have one to six years after your diagnosis to file a lawsuit. Speaking to an asbestos attorney can help you decide when to file, and it’s usually better to file a lawsuit sooner rather than later.

Average Length of an Asbestos Case

There’s a likely chance that the lawsuit will never go to trial, but instead be settled out of court by lawyers. Agreeing to a settlement can take up to 18 months, sometimes longer than a patient diagnosed with mesothelioma has.

No matter the lawsuit, it’s effective to consult an asbestos lawyer before proceeding, as well as a contractor for asbestos removal in Los Angeles, California. He or she can help you navigate the complex ground of your case and determine the best course of action to compensate you for your suffering.



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