Hazard Lights

Hazard Lights

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Have you ever been on the interstate on a very rainy day and noticed that some drivers slow down and turn on their hazard lights? You have likely done this before as well. Did you know that in some states, driving with your hazard light on is not legal depending on the circumstances? In several states, driving in the rain with your hazard lights is illegal, which comes as a shocker to you. Hazard lights are to be used for a very specific purpose, and if used correctly, several issues can be avoided while driving or even walking on the roadways. Motor vehicle hazard lights are to be used to in the state of a vehicle emergency. Such as, being on the verge of breaking down while on the road, the hazard lights are an indicator to upcoming traffic that there is an issue.

In the event that a car is parked on the side of the road and their hazard lights are on, their hazard lights will allow emergency vehicles to spot them no matter the conditions of the weather. Generally, when an individual turn on their hazard lights, this is also an indication that help is needed for any police officer in the area. Even if a call was not or cannot be made, the police officer will notice that there is an issue and is able to come and assist. In summation, hazard lights are a sign for help, not a sign for patience from other drivers. Simply put, hazard lights aware other drivers and by passers of a hazard. 

The misuse of hazard lights can lead to confusion on the road and likely cause motor vehicle accidents with other drivers in their attempt to avoid you. Using the hazard lights for the wrong reason can even lead to a driver receiving a traffic citation so it is best to be fully aware of the traffic laws in your city or state. If you are not properly informed, you can run into loads of legal trouble. Be sure to educate yourself to avoid this. If you or someone you know has even run into an issue that involves your own or someone else’s misuse of hazard lights, speak with an auto accident attorney in Atlanta, GA as soon as possible. If there was an accident, you will need to contact a personal injury attorney to see how liability can be determined. By doing so, you welcome the possibility of being compensated for your damages.



Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and car accidents involving improper use of hazard lights.

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